Restoration of voting privileges for PBC returning citizens.

Please circulate this information about contacting the Public Defender’s office to have sentences adjusted to remove payment of fines and court costs from the sentencing document, allowing returning citizens to vote.

Divest in Policing. Invest in Communities.

TAKE ACTION NOW   The epidemic of police violence in this country is not an issue of “bad apples.” Modern policing is rotten at its core. This must change now. Real change will come when we make meaningful changes to how police are funded.   So far, our leaders are not meeting the moment. Gov. DeSantis must do more now

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Commit to Vote in Florida

Candidates running for office in 2020 must be committed to protecting and advancing the civil rights guaranteed to all of us in the Constitution.   You have the power to select, endorse, and vote for a candidate that speaks to you and your community’s values. ACLU Justice Voters demand that candidates for public office commit to protect our democracy, end

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Protect People in Jails and Prisons from COVID-19

Send your email message People in prisons and jails are highly vulnerable to outbreaks of contagious illnesses like COVID-19. They are packed together in close quarters with little control over their daily interactions with others, and are often in poor health.   PLEASE TAKE ACTION: Tell Gov. Ron DeSantis to take action right now to protect people who are incarcerated

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