About the Chapter

The ACLU is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. We are not liberal, not conservative, not Republican, not Democrat, not right wing, not left wing — we welcome everyone to join us in our constant fight to protect everyone’s constitutional rights. To get help from the ACLU, your personal or political beliefs do not matter — we have fought for the rights of people ranging from Rush Limbaugh to Michael Schiavo to elementary school parents in Miami (outraged that books were being arbitrarily banned from their children’s schools) to preachers who were being denied their right to preach on our public sidewalks. Our only mission is to keep the promise of the Bill of Rights alive for every American. Our monthly meeting schedule: Our Meetings occur on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm.

Chapter Leadership

Mark Schnieder – President
Barbara Walker – Vice President
Marcia Halpern – Treasurer
Marsha Vinson – Secretary
James K. Green – Legal Panel Chair
Arthur Levin
Debra Chandler
Edward Kinsey
Hazel Lucas


Jill Hanson
Kate Renchin
Leonard Gross
Les Rivkin
Manjunath Pendakur
Marcia Hayden
Yvette Coursey
Sylvia Moffett
Turia Hayden
Edwin Ferguson

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Contact Details

Palm Beach Chapter of the ACLU
email: pbc.aclu@gmail.com